Saturday, September 3, 2011


Ok, here are some of those pictures I promised like a month ago....

This Icelandic girl rode her bike next to us and chatted while she fed the horses :)

Eskifjördur is in the smaller fjörd on the right

Many dandelions were blown on this trip :)

Our resident kitty :)


The church in Seydisfjördu

Marina drinking coffe and eating apple cake at the cafe to escape the cold

The road back to Egilsstadir from Dettifoss waterfall

Marion learns the "Italian hug" on our last day of work together

Rain makes for wonderful pictures

Eskifjördur on the rare occasion that the sun was out!

Beautiful day made for beautiful pictures of the fjörd we worked in the last two days

Someone's overgrown and "weedy" front lawn

Petra, an old women living in this small town has been collecting different kinds of Icelandic rocks for her entire life. Here backyard garden is now a tourist attraction and its beauty lies both in the incredible rock collection, and landscaping.

Another flower from Petra's garden

The famous Icelandic horse with the fjörd as a back drop

The sun made everything look more beautiful

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