Saturday, September 3, 2011

MORE PICTURES! Denmark and Sweden of sorts

Here are the last of my posts only full of pictures....sorry if you are getting tired of only seeing hundreds of pictures, I promise I picked the good ones :) These are pictures of Aalborg, Denmark where I visited my friend Ida, and up until Karlskrona where I stayed for two weeks with my cousins before I came here.

EVERYONE here rides bikes!

One of the cutest patios I have ever seen

We sat out to enjoy the sun, I took it as a great opportunity to write some postcards

I took a walk down to the harbor and around town to snap a few pictures while the lighting was still enchanting

The clouds are my favorite part.....great for cloud watching :)

A sign that fall is on it's way

Cities here have such beautiful architecture for the most mundane of buildings

Just a regular site in town
Ida's cute apartment building :)

Goodbye at the train station

I like all of the yellow buildings :)

Even the post office is beautiful!

Again, yellow :)

Goodbye at the train station
Aunt Christina enjoys our picnic in the sun during our hike

Mushroom! Don't be is not edible

LOTS of crayfish

My first Kräftskiva!

Everybody wore hats and we sang songs in between eating :)

This is not an uncommon sight between the two of us

I think we look the most alike

The Hardlund fish face

And then one normal one for the camera

I guess this is a common sight when you get the Hardlunds together


The best thing about eating at Aunt Christina's parents is the desserts! :)

My favorite....princestårta

Thea sleeps on Emma's bed and it looks like a magazine cover

Hej Salle!

My view when I woke up every complaining here!

My first mushrooms! 

Little Swedish mushroom :)

Emma finds more kanterelles!

Finger mushrooms 

Martina demonstrates the proper way to pick mushrooms


In a small clearing from the forest, we found this beautiful meadow!

And this sight right next to it

Karl Johanssvamp

Martina was proud of her find

Karlskrona has some pretty spectacular sunsets

Accompanied by spectacular views

Mushroom cleaning and cutting

FIKA med chokladkaka

Auntie Christina and I before our walk

Emma told me to look like a Babi

Brandenholm has the CUTEST summer cottages!

We found some bjärnbär on our way

Most of them were just eaten

Martina shows how big Salle is


This house has got some serious tomtar in the front

This would be my future house

Again, dessert at Christina's parents with some more cake, blueberry cake, and VANILLA SAUCE!

Rented bikes and rode around Aspö to enjoy the sun

Martina with her bike

Emma with hers

We stopped at the old fortress for a picnic and naturally, some pictures. 

Enjoying fika

My last day in Karlskrona it was incredibly sunny and warm

Martina enjoys the incoming boats and the view of the sea

We took a nice long walk around Saltö and Dragsö is the Baltic Sea and the coast of Saltö

This is the tree where children grow up....they leave their pacifiers and enter the next phase of their childhood

Brandeholm against the Karlskrona skyline

Karlskrona harbor

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