Saturday, September 3, 2011

Iceland exclusive

Here is the abridged version of my Iceland photos, of the 1,700 some odd photos I took during my time there.

Icelandic horse up close and personal

Singin' and chatting sometime around midnight or a little later.....notice the light!

Part of our groupie

Classic jump picture....gotta do it

The plants we spent two days removing

In front of this lake in the fjörd

Buttercup was blooming EVERYWHERE!

Forget-me-not :)


One of the MANY beautiful rivers/waterfalls on our walk to the pool

I think I took this around 2:00 or 2:30am

This was a bit before....sometime around 1:30-2:00am


view of Reydarfjördur on our hike

I'm abroad!

The girrrrrrrrrls! :) 


Around the bend is Eskifjördur

Hiked to this waterfall through what we thought looked like pleasant grass and flowers.....we were rudely surprised when our feet began to sink into the boggy ground and eventually soak through.

The soppy hike was well worth it in the end :)

Enjoying some coffee and cake to escape the chill

Hitch-hiking (or attempting to) back to Egilsstadir

Our efforts ended in a pow-wow beside the road

And then some more walking until FINALLY a car came.....two hours later

The drive from Egilsstadir to Dettifoss.....felt like we were on a different planet!

The landscape changed so much in just one drive!

Dettifoss is a waterfall from a very large volcanic river, here you can see the mist it creates as it travels through the canyon

Dettifoss itself

Everything about it was breathtaking 

It felt like we had been transported to a strange, but beautiful planet

And finally....a rainbow appeared!

A little ways before Dettifoos is Selfoss you can see in the distance

I sat on the edge of the canyon seen from the photo above. Here you can see why the water is murky grey, due to the black volcanic sand.

Selfoss up close

And even closer....the geology is very similar to Devil's Postpile in Mammoth

One of the infamous Icelandic volanoes

The clouds were just amazing.....that entire landscape was wide open for miles on end

Some Icelandic coastline from the bus window....thus, please excuse the quality of the photo

Darkest it ever got...The fog sat on top of the water in the fjörd while the other clouds sat high in the sky

Last day of work!

Here is just a small portion of Petra's rock collection!

Petra's house and part of her garden/collection....notice her spectacular view!


Another picture taken at the darkest part of the night somewhere around 12:30 or so

Reykjavik skyline

Reykjavik has some pretty elaborate graffiti art

The entire square was full of color bursting graffiti!

We actually got to watch the artist put the finishing touches on this mural!

I like the brick heart :)

Reykjavik is a very young-hip town

Another flower from Petra's garden

MIMULUS! Again, in Petra's garden

Bleeding hearts <3
In front of Dettifoss

The Reykjavik cathedral....apparently it took over 50 years to build and it was all done by volunteer work! The statue in the front was a gift from the US.

I really liked their art

Particularly these posters....there were many more

The inside of the cathedral was quite amazing when you think that it was done all by volunteers

Manon, Sara, and I in front of the Worldwide Friends house.....the organization we participated in the workcamp through

Checking in to fly to Copenhagen

This one is for you, Lydia :)

He was by far the cutest

Some landscape on the drive back to Eskifjördur

It took about three or four people to pull up one of those nasty plants


This picture of Eskifjördur was taken at 3am

Same time, looking the other direction

SO happy to find a van to take all nine of us!

Icelandic beer

We made lots of wishes on the side of the road.....

Marina makes STONE COOKIES!

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