Wednesday, October 5, 2011

last day of being a teenager

My birthday last week was perhaps the best ever. I have so many people to thank for making it such a special, wonderful day filled with memories that will last a life time! Festivities started on Thursday when class lasted for a mere 10 minutes. Afterwards, two of my friends and I decided to go to the Linnaeus museum and garden before it closed on my birthday (how coincidental). We enjoyed the last flowers of the garden and the warmth of the sun (I even had to take my tights off!) and took some pictures. We then took a tour of the museum of which used to be Linnaeus' home right here in Uppsala! It was a lovely little home right in front of the about a view! 

Charlotte and Teddy pose in the garden
Enjoying the last of the flowers


Sadly, pictures were not allowed inside the house.

Charlotte and I then grabbed lunch at a favorite cafe of mine and Avery's called Ofvandahl's. Their sandwiches are delicious and they offer a generous student discount! We took our sandwiches and coffee to the river side and sat and chatted for hours soaking up the sun, the warmth, and each other's company. We both agreed we can never enjoy such lovely, small things in life during the school year since we are always busy trying to fit everything into one day. It was just wonderful to sit and enjoy the water's edge, the people, and life. Finally we have found a balance between school and life that allows time for academia and learning, but also for enjoying days like Thursday and taking it what daily life has to offer. These are the things that keep us sane day in and day out, it's no wonder that when I am at Willamette stress has it's way of creeping in and taking over, I don't have time to sit and enjoy the water's edge on a Thursday afternoon. Academic life here is both appalling and refreshing. I can't believe university can be so relaxed while also managing to get everything done. It is so refreshing to be able to study in an environment where stress is the last thing that is cultivated. Here is where I have found my learning style. Charlotte agreed and beyond talk of school, we were able to enjoy many more meaningful conversation topics with each other. The breeze blew warm bursts of air, the leaves shivered and fell, the sun shone a bright golden yellow, and the people flocked the streets to soak it all in. 
As if the day hadn't already been full of good friends and conversation, I was also able to enjoy two birthday skype calls which made the day even better! I was finally able to talk with Emilie for a long while and forgot how much I missed her presence and the friendship we have. I was also able to skype with a few lovely girls from the house and both put a smile on my face! 
Thursday was, as Charlotte's way of saying it "the day we celebrated your last day as a teenager." There was celebration to be had and memories to be made.

Such a yummy sandwhich! 

Fall colors in front of the cathedral

Enjoying the warmth!

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