Wednesday, October 30, 2013 New York?

Journey has been my running accompaniment as of late, makes me miss summer youth trips toSan  Francisco, but some of the songs have a new meaning to me now as I have grown and experienced more. I went for a run this morning first thing after I woke up to energize my day after a night of valter screaming. It's cloudy and 40 degrees it so I bundled up, sucked it up, and went despite the voice in my head telling me that my warm, cozy bed was a much better option. Since the time change, it's light now if you get up at 7 so it's actually possible to run that early in the morning. Soon we won't be so lucky as the darkness rolls in for the winter. It's already getting dark at 4:30 now, and the sun feels as though it is just barely made it over the horizon. This means no more afternoon walks with Valter as I don't think his idea of a great afternoon is walking in the dark. Instead, we go home and read books and play trains, planes, and cars. We try to avoid the TV and iPad at all costs, I'm not going to be responsible for fostering more TV addictions. He ran to the TV the other day and pointed and I just said no, but he knows when his parents come home, he can watch then. We let him watch for about an hour a day. I read to him in Swedish and English,, mostly because he thinks his Swedish books are more interesting. But he is really starting to understand English now! He responds to what I say in English and he can almost count to three! Right now it's a mix of swenglish and sounds more like "ooon, taaaa, teeee" we're getting somewhere. We count the trucks parked every day at the truck wash. I have to say being with a little boy all the time is much different, as I'm obviously used to girl stuff, and am much better at playing dolls and watching Disney movies than playing cars, running around, and crashing cars or toppling over blocks. But Valter is still so small, so he still feels somewhat like a baby.....however the terrible twos are well on their way. I love watching him learn every day, he is so good at repeating what we say after just saying it once now. It's so exciting when he says something new, or understands more and more English. I love looking into his little eyes, while he is watching something, or trying to figure something out, there's so much wonder there, too bad it fades as we get older. He gets so excited when I ask him where the tractor or the train is and he points and screams "där!!" You can almost see the excitement vibrating through his little body. Anyway, I'm starting to sound like a mom with her first child, don't worry, that's not coming for a long long long time. This is hard work! I'm not ready for screaming nights and mornings as its been here for the past few days. I'm tired and I don't even get up with him!

My host parents are off to New York tomorrow for the marathon. It's strange, all of their family I have met here in Sweden has been to New York multiple times, and here I have never been. It's on my list and hopefully I will be able to go someday. They took my phone, so a part of me will be there! Here I am writing and my spotify station just played "New York, New York." I'd like to go before I am 30, preferrably at Christmas....but who doesn't want to go at Christmas? Oh and see The Phantom of the Opera, I've always wanted to see that on stage. I was obsessed with the music when I was younger, I played it on my flute and the piano. And now "All I ask of you" just came onto my Michael Bublé spotify station. The songs are so beautiful I always get the goosebumps when I hear them. I've got 8 years to go . But oh, I've caught the travel bug. I want to go every where, I want to travel until I am too old to walk. I want to see places both with hustle and bustle and places so remote and beautiful you feel like a small gem buried among all of the other pebbles. I want to see as much of the world as I can before I die. Oh and of course try just as much food! What's traveling without food?

Anyway, it's a cool, cloudy day, perfect for some red lentil and chickpea curry soup tonight, but now I'm off to meet the other au pairs in town for a Fika, we'll be missing Sara, our friend who was sent home to Spain. Anna Carin's parents are coming tonight to he with Valter until they are back from NY and they will only be speaking Swedish with me! Hopefully in just s few days I will learn a lot. No pictures today, but I will be putting up a lot this weekend, so be sure to check back then!!

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