Saturday, December 3, 2011

looooots of pictures!! Prague, Thanksgiving, Christmas, SNOW!

Here are the best of Prague (although I don't have pics from my first day since they were on a different card), Thanksgiving here in Uppsala (Avery and I made the entire dinner! YUM!), and Uppsala's FIRST SNOW!!! Snow is also in the forecast this week and this southern californiaer couldn't be more excited!! 

Dad's school where he met Richard, who hosted us in Prague!


Prague Castle

Love all these red roofs!

Doesn't it just look like a fairytale?!

narrowest walkway

Charles Bridge, of course

:) best travel buddies

Hey Dad, doesn't this look familiar? (we have this as a painting)

Prague Castle from the bridge

best spot to view the bridge

Old town I said, fairytale

YUM YUM YUM!!! Avery and I absolutely fell in love with these! (We had one a day, as you will see if you scroll down)

Astronomical clock in Old Town Square

Changing of the guards

Prague Castle Cathedral

These wafers are also to die for! 
The golden street


Up close of a Trdelnik, YUM!

In heaven

Way cool medieval pub...came back the next day for lunch

Freaky deaky

Yummmmmy morning snack!!

Best garlic soup ever in the medieval pub

Here is the old Jewish graveyard...the synagogue next to it had a very moving WW2 exhibit

The Old New Synagogue

Amy and Avery working on Thanksigiving in Amy's fabulous apartment!

Delicious food....felt a little more like home!

"Cranberry sauce" made with lingon and absolutely the best recipe ever! Spiced sauce made with early grey tea, kardemum, star anise, and cinnamon 
Doesn't this look traditional?

Most of the CIEE group at Amy's for dinner!

Apple pie!!!
Now here's for the pictures of Uppsala with some Christmas decor and in the snow! I can't get enough of it! I love the little streets with Christmas lights strung across the entire street, since it gets dark here so early (today it was dark by 3pm) the lights really brighten the mood of the city!

View from the library, Carolina Rediviva

I don't know if you can really see from this picture, but every window has got either a Christmas star, or the very typical Swedish Christmas triangle lights! They are in every single building!

To make it even better, just about every large evergreen has lights on it to make a Christmas tree!!

SNOW!!!!! (finally!)

Park of my bike ride (yes I rode my bike in the snow)

Uppsala Castle

Those puddles are all frozen
These pictures were all taken between 2:30 and 3:15pm!

That store right there has got the cutest Swedish Christmas items, Mumsie, you would be in heaven!

See what I mean by all the lights?

Bike ride home at 3:15 

Here's the bike path

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